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Posted by iR0b0t at January 1 2015, 22:56:39

The new year has just began. Hopefully all of You started it smoothly and spent
some nice time during the holidays. We had a very successful last year resulting
in a huge lot of new dumps. A big THANK YOU to all dumpers and contributors,
You make it all possible! Thanks, and let us make it even better!

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(all donations are used only to keep the server alive, any currency and any amount is much appreciated)

Happy New Year 2015

Posted by iR0b0t at January 1 2015, 08:20:34

Forum post attachments

Posted by iR0b0t at November 23 2014, 07:23:32

Forum post attachment issue has been resolved, attachments are available and working again.

Forum software update

Posted by iR0b0t at August 2 2014, 18:21:12

The forum software has been updated to the latest available version. Unfortunately its development is discontinued
and this will be most likely the very last PunBB forum software update.

Submissions: how should this look like

Posted by iR0b0t at March 20 2014, 15:33:37

To discover different releases and or possible misprints everything taken from covers
(incl. disc label print, which contains the serial) has to be cataloged AS IS.

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