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Forum post attachments

Posted by iR0b0t at November 23 2014, 07:23:32

Forum post attachment issue has been resolved, attachments are available again.

Forum software update

Posted by iR0b0t at August 2 2014, 18:21:12

The forum software has been updated to the latest available version. Unfortunately its development is discontinued
and this will be most likely the very last PunBB forum software update.

Submissions: how should this look like

Posted by iR0b0t at March 20 2014, 15:33:37

To discover different releases and or possible misprints everything taken from covers
(incl. disc label print, which contains the serial) has to be cataloged AS IS.

Happy New Year 2014

Posted by iR0b0t at January 1 2014, 01:09:26

We are on a new server now

Posted by iR0b0t at December 2 2012, 12:03:28

We are on a new server now.

Unfortunately the old one died short before all data could be moved over.
Almost everything has been restored. We only "lost" 1 day of ads and some
forum data, which is avatars and post attachments from April 21st till
November 5th. Nothing bad after all. You should simply check your forum
avatar image, whether it is the one you uploaded at last. Renew it, if needed.

The new server is a dedicated server which has X-times better performance,
but is also much more expensive than the last one, and it allows us features
like creating datfiles on the fly.

A redump friendly donator spent much money to cover server fees for the first
time frame, but on the long term we will need donations to keep the server alive.

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