Update, January 20th: Guys, sadly I can't begin with the server setup at this point, because to do so i need the server password, which will be available once i completed the address verification, and to complete it i have to get the letter with address verification code, which should be on its way. Maybe it will be the case tomorrow, if not, then on monday. I will begin with server setup as soon as i get this damn code. They say: "This service is available for german customers only". I am so happy to have this service. It is so useful as a donkey at showjumping.

Update, January 19th: Good news guys! After weeks of back and forth shit talks from server customer support I finally got someone on line who actually cares about customers, so I got the server login data just a few hours ago. After some sleepless days due to some businnes issues i will be able to get on server setup this friday, it will probably be late evening in middle european time. See you soon guys.

Update, January 10th: My first attempt to get a new server failed because the server i wanted to lease went out of stock and my order got canceled. This server needs another 10-14 days to get available again, but i am not waiting any longer and will be ordering another one today/tomorrow, which is a little bit slower than the one i was getting first. However, its still faster than the last server we had. Hope to get a responce from customers support asap to go on with server setup.