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Star Wars: Rebel Assault

SystemPanasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
RegionUSA, Europe
Number of tracks1
Write offset-954

Added2010-11-26 06:11
Last modified2019-02-11 11:57
Metadata ✔
CATALOG 0000000000000
Barcode ✔
0 23272 30422 5, 5 015839 924224 >
Serial on the CD: 636230 (USA Release).
Serial above the barcode: EA 9187 (USA Release).
Electronic Arts ID: A924DCXD (European release).
636230 R1H MFD BY JVC has CATALOG 0000000000000.
CDD5388 A924DCXD needs to be checked (also, the ringcode needs to be checked and, probably, fixed).

Track(s) 2 and more dumps from original media [!] | Cuesheet Has been confirmed [!]

1Data/Mode 100:00:0050:07:552255805305641602e8261ac1a17726f1abcdac56c1a45abcfba04886d1469166770cc751c5d33e7bdd77273e48ecbbc


#Mastering Code (laser branded/etched)Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped)Write offset
1636230 R1H   MFD BY JVC13Has to be confirmed-954 ✔
2CDD5388 A924DCXD 1:0 Mastered By NimbusNULLIncomplete or not properly formedNULL
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