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Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge


SystemPanasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
RegionJapan, Europe
EditionDemonstration-ban, Bundled with Magazine (4 Character Demo Disc)
Errors count0
Number of tracks1
Write offset-22, 0

Added2011-05-02 03:06
Last modified2020-05-16 00:35
Barcode ✔
9 771355 962022 02
Alternative Title: Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Bundled with Issue 2 of 3DO Magazine.
FZ-JJ9DSX-4I 1 has 2 indexes and no EAN(CATALOG) data, this cue is used in this entry.
CDD5969 · needs to be checked (expected to have EAN data and 1 index).
Needs to be checked on the real hardware, whether the European disc on PAL console also runs in Japanese.

Track(s) 2 and more dumps from original media [!] | Cuesheet Has been confirmed [!]

1Data/Mode 100:00:000213:15:6759692140395584b8a62aadce0620ce551367881952fc66da9cdf7241a487ba38532a5a70e038622d4ccbd5f4296c62


#Mastering Code (laser branded/etched)Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped)Mould SID CodeWrite offset
1CDD5969 ·   ·MASTERED BY NIMBUS·1:0IFPI 2303Has to be confirmed0
2FZ-JJ9DSX-4I   1NULLNULLIncomplete or not properly formed-22 ✔
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