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Power Drive

SystemCommodore Amiga CD32
LanguagesEnglish French German Italian Spanish
EXE date1984-02-01
Errors count2
Number of tracks1
Write offset-33

Added2013-08-05 17:51
Last modified2016-09-18 09:27
Barcode ✔
5 013442 560518 >
The pre-last sector is missing its part, so there are problems with descrambling the last 2 sectors. The pre-last sector is descrambled, but errorneous, the last sector is left scrambled.
Descramble_CDDA and unScramble tools give different hashes, both need to be burned and checked, which one gives the initial image after burning.

Track(s) Dumped from original media | Cuesheet Has to be confirmed

1Data/Mode 100:00:0008:28:3338133896888162afc1b1108f478e6c8d6fea3ec335a6736edeb5b79a5c239c82069f19c5609270a5394fd0db96fa8


#Mastering Code (laser branded/etched)Mastering SID CodeMould SID CodeWrite offset
1USG005 10347691 01 &   MADE IN U.K. BY PDOIFPI L134IFPI 0453Has been confirmed [!]-33
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