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Crystal Dynamics Best Selection ~ Sample This!

SystemPanasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
RegionJapan, USA
EditionDemonstration-ban, Not for Resale
Errors count0
Number of tracks1
Write offset-954, -22

Added2017-11-11 22:47
Last modified2019-12-07 00:27
Barcode ✔
7 65979 61340 7
Serial on the CD: 61340-C (USA Release)
Genre: An Interactive Sampler from Crystal Dynamics
FZ-JJ9DSC-5B 1 has 2 indexes and no EAN(CATALOG) data, this cue is used in this entry.
61340 R1J MFD BY JVC has 1 index and CATALOG 0000000000000.

Track(s) 2 and more dumps from original media [!] | Cuesheet Has been confirmed [!]

1Data/Mode 100:00:000261:30:30276780650986560434ce3843707ef593cfa692be61fc81bbd1536064b671a6827cc038e1890ab130952c74f44b71403


#Mastering Code (laser branded/etched)Mastering SID CodeToolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped)Mould SID CodeWrite offset
161340 R1J   MFD BY JVCNULL11NULLHas been confirmed [!]-954 ✔
2FZ-JJ9DSC-5B   1IFPI L251NULLIFPI 42A5Has to be confirmed-22 ✔
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