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JapanAfter Armageddon Gaiden: Majuu Toushouden Eclipse
アフター・ハルマゲドン外伝 ~魔獣闘将伝エクリプス~
MCDOriginalJapanese G-6026Dumped from original media
MCDOriginalJapanese T-60024Dumped from original media
JapanLethal Enforcers II: The Western
リーサル・エンフォーサーズⅡ ~ ザ・ウエスタン~
MCDOriginalEnglish T-95034Dumped from original media
JapanNBA Jam
MCDOriginalEnglish T-810342 and more dumps from original media [!]
JapanNobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuunroku
信長の野望 ~武将風雲録~
PCEOriginalJapanese KOCD2001Dumped from original media
JapanNobunaga no Yabou: Haouden
信長の野望 ~覇王伝~
MCDOriginalJapanese T-76024Dumped from original media
MCDSampleJapanese SG-6029Dumped from original media
USARollcagePSXOriginal, Limited EditionEnglish SLUS-00800 …2 and more dumps from original media [!]
MCDSampleJapanese ST-45054Dumped from original media
JapanSing!! Sega Game Music Presented by B. B. QueensMCDOriginalJapanese BVRR-1Dumped from original media
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