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EuropeUEFA Dream SoccerDC1.003OriginalEnglish French German Spanish MK-51095-052 and more dumps from original media [!]
FranceUEFA Dream SoccerDC1.003OriginalEnglish French German Spanish MK-51095-09Dumped from original media
GermanyUEFA Dream SoccerDC1.002OriginalEnglish French German Spanish MK-51095-18Dumped from original media
EuropeUEFA StrikerDC1.000OriginalDutch English French German Italian Spanish T-15102D-502 and more dumps from original media [!]
EuropeUltimate Fighting ChampionshipDC1.000OriginalEnglish T-40203D-50Dumped from original media
JapanUltimate Fighting Championship
DC1.001OriginalJapanese T-1241MDumped from original media
JapanUnder Defeat
DC1.001Limited EditionJapanese T-46704MDumped from original media
JapanUnderCover AD2025 Kei
アンダーカバー A.D.2025 Kei
DC1.005OriginalJapanese T-39001MDumped from original media
EuropeUnreal TournamentDC1.004OriginalEnglish T-15113D-50Dumped from original media
USAUnreal TournamentDC1.000OriginalEnglish T-15125NDumped from original media
EuropeUrban ChaosDC1.001OriginalEnglish French T-36810D-50Dumped from original media
USAUrban ChaosDC1.000OriginalEnglish French T-36810NDumped from original media
JapanUtau: Tumbling Dice
DC1.002OriginalJapanese T-23207MDumped from original media
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