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JapanJ. League Spectacle Soccer
Jリーグ スペクタクルサッカー
DC1.012OriginalJapanese HDR-0154Dumped from original media
DC1.001OriginalJapanese T-43401MDumped from original media
USAJeremy McGrath Supercross 2000DC1.001OriginalEnglish T-8104NDumped from original media
JapanJet Coaster Dream 2
DC1.003OriginalJapanese T-41201MDumped from original media
JapanJinsei Game for Dreamcast
人生ゲーム for Dreamcast
DC1.001OriginalJapanese T-10301MDumped from original media
JapanJissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! @ VP@CHI: Kongdom
実戦パチスロ必勝法!@VPACHI ~コングダム~
DC1.004Shokai GenteibanT-18801MDumped from original media
JapanJojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Mirai e no Isan for Matching Service
ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 未来への遺産 for Matching Service
DC1.000SampleJapanese T-1231MDumped from original media
EuropeJoJo's Bizarre AdventureDC1.001OriginalT-7007D-50Dumped from original media
USAJoJo's Bizarre AdventureDC1.001OriginalEnglish T-1206NDumped from original media
JapanJRA PAT for Dreamcast V40L10DC1.002OriginalJapanese T-42501MDumped from original media
JapanJRA PAT for Dreamcast V40L11DC2.000OriginalJapanese T-42501MDumped from original media
JapanJRA PAT for Dreamcast V50L10DC1.000OriginalJapanese HDR-0204Dumped from original media
DC1.001OriginalT-35401MDumped from original media
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