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EuropeMacAttackMAC1.99OriginalEnglish Dumped from original media
FranceManiac Mansion: Day of the TentacleMACOriginalFrench Dumped from original media
AustraliaMetal Gear Solid (Artwork Vol. 1)MACPress KitEnglish Dumped from original media
AustraliaMetal Gear Solid (Artwork Vol. 2)MACPress KitEnglish Dumped from original media
FranceMonty Python Sacré GraalMACOriginalFrench Dumped from original media
EuropeMystMAC1.01RereleaseEnglish RBB0175CDE, ZM019-0013ADumped from original media
GermanyMystMACRereleaseGerman D-019-0013A, RBB0175CDGDumped from original media
EuropeMyst Language Conversion KitMACDumped from original media
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