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USA3 Games in 1: Gate of Thunder + Bonk's Adventure + Bonk's RevengePCEBundled with TurboDuoEnglish HCD2008TDumped from original media
USABuster Bros.PCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1031Dumped from original media
USADragon Slayer: The Legend of HeroesPCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1029Dumped from original media
USADungeon Explorer IIPCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1034Dumped from original media
USADungeon Master: Theron's QuestPCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1041Dumped from original media
USAFantastic Night Dreams: CottonPCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1038Dumped from original media
USALords of ThunderPCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD 10332 and more dumps from original media [!]
USAMysterious SongPCEUnlicensedEnglish French Spanish FCD0001Dumped from original media
USAPyramid PlunderPCEUnlicensedEnglish AB002Dumped from original media
USARevival ChasePCEBundled with Magazine (Unlicensed)English French VOC3628Dumped from original media
USASplash LakePCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1025Dumped from original media
USAYs Book I & IIPCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1002Dumped from original media
USAYs III: Wanderers from YsPCEOriginalEnglish TGXCD1015Dumped from original media
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