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USABackgammonCDIOriginalEnglish 699 039-2Dumped from original media
Battleship: Schiffeversenken mit der US Navy
CDIOriginalEnglish 813 0002Dumped from original media
NetherlandsDe Beer Is Los!CDIPromoDutch Dumped from original media
NetherlandsThe Berenstain Bears: Bij de Berenstain Beren Thuis: Thuis en bij JouCDIOriginalDutch 814 0016Dumped from original media
USAThe Berenstain Bears: On Their Own
The Berenstain Bears: On Their Own and You On Your Own
CDIOriginalEnglish PCEC No: PP0110 GA Catalog No: 310690110-2Dumped from original media
USABrer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar BabyCDIOriginalEnglish 310690045-2Dumped from original media
FranceBurn:Cycle (Jeu)CDI1.04OriginalFrench 812 01272 and more dumps from original media [!]
GermanyBurn:Cycle (Das Spiel)CDI1.03OriginalGerman 813 0118Dumped from original media
ItalyBurn:Cycle (Il Gioco)CDIOriginalItalian 815 01022 and more dumps from original media [!]
SpainBurn:CycleCDI1.03OriginalSpanish 816 0056Dumped from original media
USA, EuropeBurn:Cycle (Disc 1) (The Game)CDI1.14Original, Demonstration DiscEnglish 310690145-2, 810 01142 and more dumps from original media [!]
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