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USASargon ChessCDIOriginalEnglish 310690030-22 and more dumps from original media [!]
FranceScotland Yard InteractifCDI1.04Original812 0070Dumped from original media
GermanyScotland Yard InteractiveCDIOriginalGerman 813 0042Dumped from original media
EuropeSolar SystemCDI1.10OriginalEnglish 811 0039Dumped from original media
EuropeSpace AceCDIOriginalEnglish 810 00732 and more dumps from original media [!]
EuropeSteel MachineCDI1.14Original810 0160Dumped from original media
EuropeStickybear MathsCDI1.08OriginalEnglish Spanish 810 0064Dumped from original media
EuropeStriker ProCDI1.14OriginalEnglish 811 0044Dumped from original media
EuropeSurf CityCDI1.07OriginalEnglish 810 0091Dumped from original media
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