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JapanR:Racing Evolution: Life in the Fast Lane
R レーシングエヴォリューション
GCOriginalJapanese DL-DOL-GRJJ-JPNDumped from original media
EuropeRally ChampionshipGCRev 1OriginalEnglish French German Italian Spanish DL-DOL-GRAP-UKVDumped from original media
USARally ChampionshipGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GRAE-USADumped from original media
USARave MasterGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GRVE-USADumped from original media
FranceRed Faction IIGCOriginalFrench DL-DOL-GRFF-FRADumped from original media
USARed Faction IIGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GRFE-USADumped from original media
JapanRei Fighter Gekitsui Senki
零ファイター 撃墜戦記
GCOriginalJapanese DL-DOL-GZFJ-JPNDumped from original media
EuropeReign of FireGCOriginalEnglish French German Italian Spanish DL-DOL-GR9P-EURDumped from original media
USAReign of FireGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GR9E-USADumped from original media
GermanyResident Evil 4 (Bonus Disc)GCBundled with GameCubeEnglish French German Italian Spanish DL-DOL-D4BD-NOEDumped from original media
EuropeRibbit KingGCOriginalEnglish French German Italian Spanish DL-DOL-GKRP-EURDumped from original media
USARoad Trip: The Arcade EditionGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GROE-USADumped from original media
USARoadKillGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GOCE-USADumped from original media
JapanRoboCop: Aratanaru Kiki
ロボコップ 新たなる危機
GCOriginalJapanese DL-DOL-GR5J-JPNDumped from original media
EuropeRobotech: BattlecryGCOriginalEnglish French German Italian Spanish DL-DOL-GRBP-EURDumped from original media
EuropeRobotsGCOriginalEnglish French German Italian Spanish DL-DOL-GZQP-EURDumped from original media
GCOriginalJapanese DL-DOL-GZQJ-JPNDumped from original media
USARobotsGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GZQE-USADumped from original media
USARockyGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GRKE-USADumped from original media
EuropeRogue OpsGCRev 1OriginalDutch English French German Italian Spanish DL-DOL-GP9P-NOEDumped from original media
JapanRogue Ops
ローグ オプス
GCOriginalJapanese DL-DOL-GP9J-JPNDumped from original media
USARogue OpsGCOriginalEnglish DL-DOL-GP9E-USADumped from original media
GCOriginalJapanese DL-DOL-GRNJ-JPNDumped from original media
JapanRune II: Koruten no Kagi no Himitsu
ルーンII コルテンの鍵の秘密
GCTaikenbanJapanese DL-DOL-DR2J-DISDumped from original media
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