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EuropeWho Shot Johnny Rock?CDI1.04OriginalEnglish 810 0285Dumped from original media
FranceWho Shot Johnny Rock?CDI1.03OriginalFrench 812 0155Dumped from original media
USAWho Shot Johnny Rock?CDIOriginalEnglish 310690231-2Dumped from original media
GermanyWie das Rhinozeros zu seiner Haut KamCDIOriginalGerman 813 0028Dumped from original media
EuropeWordplayCDI1.09OriginalEnglish 819 1004Dumped from original media
USAWorld CommunitiesCDIDumped from original media
EuropeWorld Cup GolfCDI1.08OriginalEnglish French German 819 10272 and more dumps from original media [!]
EuropeThe World of ImpressionismCDIOriginalEnglish 699 047-2Dumped from original media
EuropeXplora 1: Peter Gabriel's Secret WorldCDI1.06OriginalEnglish 819 1029Dumped from original media
EuropeYearn2Learn: PeanutsCDI1.06OriginalDutch English French German 819 1013Dumped from original media
GermanyZelda: Der Zauberstab von GamelonCDIOriginalGerman 813 0096Dumped from original media
EuropeZelda: The Wand of GamelonCDIOriginal, Demonstration DiscEnglish 810 0096, 81800062 and more dumps from original media [!]
FranceZelda: The Wand of GamelonCDIOriginalFrench 812 0096Dumped from original media
EuropeZelda's AdventureCDI1.12OriginalEnglish 810 0147Dumped from original media
EuropeZenithCDIOriginalEnglish 814 01122 and more dumps from original media [!]
EuropeZombie Dinos from Planet ZeltoidCDIOriginalEnglish 811 0018Dumped from original media
USA, EuropeZombie Dinos from Planet ZeltoidCDIOriginal, Demonstration DiscEnglish 310-690-084-2, 310690084-2, 811 00182 and more dumps from original media [!]
GermanyZombie Dinos vom Planeten ZeltoidCDI1.05OriginalGerman 813 0083Dumped from original media
NetherlandsZoo... Eenvoudig: DierenencyclopedieCDI1.03OriginalDutch 814 0110Dumped from original media
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